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Zayne Bracken

Development Blog - V0.09 - 28/06/19

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- New Gang Major Crime - Bitcoin Hacking * - Fini

- Two Gang Bases for Miller Family and Tigris (You must apply to either Myself or Kaiden) - Zayne

- New House Feature ** - Kaiden

- In-game Wiki Phone App - Kaiden/Orin

- Fully Implemented DOJ Faction - Zayne

- Revamped and Dynamic Icons on the HUD - Kaiden

- Revamped Major Crimes *** - Kaiden



- DOJ from Bluefor to Independent - Zayne

- Prices for weapons in Rebel/Advance Rebel - Zayne

- Paycheck Amounts: - Kaiden

- Civs from 320 to 1500

- Police from 3100 to 3000

- EMS from 1350 to 2500

- Max Level increased from 70 to 90 - Zayne



- Medics not being able to Set Freq Automatically - Kaiden/Zayne

- Money not being taken when you take out an impounded vehicle - Fini

- Stabilisers not extending life - Fini

- Minor Map fixes - Zayne



- More Bulletproof Cars from Shops/Garages - Nick

- Removed access to police guns that advanced rebel didn't have - Kaiden/Zayne



Full Cryptocurrency Economy for Gangs - Andy

Tuning Shop - Kaiden/Zayne

New features for the gang system - Kaiden/Zayne

More ways of earning money - Zayne/Kaiden





* The new major crime is gang based, you will need to acquire a USB from the market. You will then to hack it at the data center and take some cash to pay for the fee, once it is hacked, you will then need to take it to a Laptop inside of one of the paycheck centres across the county. You will then to keep alert as Gangs will be alerted to your position. You will then hack the bitcoins and they will be transferred into your gang balance.

** You can now make Meth inside of your homes, you must buy a lab from the general store, you will then collect ephedrine barrels from a power station near New Horizon. You must then take this to your house, place down the lab. Once you have ephedrine in your inventory then you will interact with the lab and make Meth which you will need to sell to the drug dealer. But note there is a chance of your meth lab exploding which will alert the cops if it does and it will destroy your lab! Note: Perks can decrease this chance

*** Bank: You will now have to hack into the vault (instead of timer it is now an action like repairing, pushing etc...). After you have broken into the vault you will also have to pick up money (small & big stacks) through an action again. You will then receive the virtual marked money items to go launder.

Casino: You now earn chips instead of Marked Money. 

Fed: You will now earn Gold bars instead of Marked Money.








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