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Zayne Bracken

Development Blog - V0.08 - 23/06/19

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- PSI Gang Uniform

- 200T Gang Uniform

- Lucas Family Gang Uniform

- New Courthouse to DOC - Zayne

- City Barriers around the Metropolis City Island which will raise when Martial Law is declare putting the city on lockdown. - Zayne

 - Added a small hud that shows you how many civs, ems and police online - Kaiden

- Added DOJ Blacked-out SUV - Tommy Escobar

- Jaguar emergency car for Police/EMS - Zayne

- DOJ Whitelisting Department - Zayne

- Laptops inside Paycheck Centres ready for being able to Rob them (Will be pushed within the next few days) - Josh/Fini



- Being able to glitch through the DOJ Roof - Zayne

- HK Clothing being removed (Oops) - Zayne

- Fixed EMS/F&R Heli Shop - Zayne

- Military Supplies giving you Grenades - Zayne

- Not being able to buy DOJ car - Zayne

- Keycards not working - Zayne



- Boat Shop behind F&R, wall'ed off and tarmac placed down - Zayne

- DOC has now been tarmac'd to make it look cleaner - Zayne

- Drug Dealer in Victoria Island and Isla del Rosario have a 50% chance of spawning (There will always be drug dealer next to Metro) - Zayne

- Changed PD building at DOC - Zayne

- Moved Aircraft Carrier more inland - Zayne



- New Gang System (In-Progress)

- Gang Bases for the top two most popular gangs (In-Progress)

- Being able to take over certain towns as gangs (Similar system to Cartel/Mafia base)

- Tuning Shops (In-Progress)

- House Customisation

- New ways of making money both legally and illegally

Please make sure to give us suggestions on how to further improve the server! We recently did a straw poll and now working on adding the most voted on features! https://forums.arma-life.com/forum/25-suggestions/

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