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Zayne Bracken

Development Blog - V0.05 - 15/06/2019

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- 3 FTO Vehicles - Hanks
- FTO Uniforms - Hanks
- GTU Uniform - Hanks
- State Command Clothing - Hanks
- Low-rank Police Berets - Hanks
- Added Plain Cartel Vest to Rebel (Red and Blue) - Hanks/Zayne
- Added Plain Mafia Vest to Rebel (Brown and Blue) - Hanks/Zayne
- Added 2nd Drug Dealer on Victoria Island - Zayne
- Search and Rescue (F&D) Boat Shop behind F&D - Zayne
- 2nd Bank in Sallesta City - Zayne/Andy
- New Military Supplies Major Crime - Zayne *
- Added 100% Heal Perk in the global section - Zayne


Lots of Map Changes - Cleaned up Fed, removed pointless objects etc - Andy
Metropolis is now its own island - Andy
Changed Victoria Peak to Victoria Island - Andy/Zayne
Increased Drug Runs Prices - Zayne
Advanced Rebel Prices lowered - Zayne
Increased Mining Runs - Zayne
EMS Heli's are free until a perm fix has been found for the garage - Zayne
Changed Civ Heli price from 11k to 88k - Zayne
Change the amount gained from being revived by EMS from 750 to 1500 - Zayne
Replaced SWAT Hunter with SWAT Insurgent - Josh
Decreased Mission file size - Zayne
Helis now have 100vitem space by default - Zayne
PD Building - Zayne
Removed the algorithm for Major crimes so you now get a set amount - Zayne
Medics now have direct deposit from level 10 - Zayne


Duplicated Buildings - Zayne
Whitelist levels for FD/PD - Zayne
Paycheck Centers - Zayne


New Gang System
Redesigned DOC
New Major Crimes
Being able to rob every Paycheck centre
Jewerelly Store robberies



* Navy of Metropolis has a Military Aircraft Carrier, South of Chop Shop. You need a breaching charge, 800 seconds, a whole lot of firepower and an escape vehicle. You can gain up to 800k and a bunch of weapons.

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