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Zayne Bracken

Development Blog - v0.02 - 07/06/2019

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- New Firestation - Kangaro0

- State Trooper Uniforms - Wolfie

- Double XP until Monday 10th

- New D3S Cars - Nick (To be put into configs)



- Backdated the map to an earlier file due to not having the source files for the current version - Nick

- DOC moved to the East of Metro on an Island - Nick (Will be redesigned by Zayne)

- Fed moved to North of Airport - Nick (Temp Fed - Will be redesigned again by Zayne)



- Broken/Invisible guns from Rebel/Gun Store - Zayne

- Suken Objects around the map and general cleanup - Zayne/Nick

- Fixed Money Transfer Bug - Fini

- Hacker issues/Nuking - Fini

- Buying cars not giving you keys - Fini

- DOC Car Spawns - Zayne



- Spike Strips as they currently kick you from the server - Zayne

- Bulletproof Cars from Civ Shops - Zayne



- Translating all the foreign text into English - Devante

- Illegal tuning shop for Civs - Zayne/Vinny

- New Assets - Varius

- FD Cars - Luke

- New DOC Cars and Diving Gear - Oliver

- Police Berets with Rank Insignias - Oliver

- State Trooper Cars - Wolfie




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