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Vinny Manarello

Development Blog - v0.34 - 3.12.2019

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The New Update


-New Variety of Weapons Added to Cop, Prison, Civilian, Rebel and Advanced Rebel shops - Vinny Calora, Nick Sharp

-New Luxury cars added to Luxury Car Shop - Vinny Calora, Connor OX

-Vehicles have realistic storage space - Vinny Calora

-New clothing added to all shops - Vinny Calora, Nick Sharp

-All Drugs are now consumable and give effects - Fini Lannister, Vinny Calora

-More Helicopters - Vinny Calora

-Advanced Rebel - Fini Lannister


-Spawn Points in DOC - Fini Lannister

-Combat Logging - Fini Lannister

-Stabiliser Price - Vinny Calora


-New Spike Strips - Eric Snow

-New DOC to come with Eric Snow's buildings - Wolfie Forester, Eric Snow

-Lots of new buildings made for this server - Eric Snow

-Growing Weed in houses - Vinny Calora

-Ability to smoke Fags, Joints and Cigars - Vinny Calora

-Bean Bag shotgun - Vinny Calora

-More Cars - Connor OX

-Hospital Beds in hospital that can be used - Nick Sharp

-DOC activities for inmates - Vinny Calora

Lots more to come




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Update 13/03/2019

Added SIU Vest

Added EMS First Response Vest

Added @Eric Snow assets

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