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The Island Update - v0.31 - 22.2.2019

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The island
Nick Sharp

Well the map change has finally come around, the current version that is in is merely the foundation of what we want the map to be, in the future we aim to get it to a point of the Metropolis you all remember.

We will likely be pushing out map updates every other day along with new features, some things we have that are going to be added are race tracks, drag strips and the car tuning shop.

One of the ideas we are also playing around with is pink slips so you can raise against other people for there car!

We have had some changes within the staff team as well recently with Travis and Jimbo stepping aside as they need a break from Arma and are venturing into Rust, we thank them for all the work they have put into the server and wish them the best of luck they are always welcome back to the staff team should they choose to return later on down the line.

Fini has stepped up to lead the development side of things as a Community Manager, he has been a fantastic asset to the community and we look forward to seeing what he brings in the future.

We also have Phantom as most of you are aware helping build the map, admittedly he wanted us to wait until he could finish off a bit more but we know the community was eager to move across , and we thought it would be more exciting for the community to see the map progress as we go through


The Changes
Fini Lannister

The dev team recently took a break, as you might have noticed as a lack of development. We have a deep love for the community, but in the end, you wanna take some time off every now-and-then. That being said, here's gonna be some of the new stuff we'll be introducing.


So far the cops have had two options for punishing criminals, which are both quite extreme, so we've come up with an alternative. Cops can now set criminals on parole, which means the criminals will be tagged and will be visible on the map for all police officers. You will be visible on the map until your sentence runs out and you go to the DOC to have your ankle monitor removed.




Other Cop Stuff

When checking licenses, you will get a notification of how many homes the suspect owns and they will be marked on your map for 60 seconds.
Speed radar (press R while in a vehicle) now shows the owner of the vehicle.
You can also taze people on motorbikes now.


Levels & Perks

The maximum level has been increased to 70 from 50. New perks have been added to extend the time it takes to respawn (up to double). After the normal respawn time has passed, you can press the F1 key to respawn.
A perk for processing price has also been added. Once you've bought all the processing time related perks, you can buy a perk that reduces the processing costs by 50%.
You also now get 800 XP for laundering money.


Medic Changes

When revived by a medic you only go up to 80 HP, or when revived by a Civ you go up to 50 HP, unless they have the CPR perk, then you go up to 75 HP. Medics still can heal up to full HP, but that is planned to be changed to increase roleplay and to have people visit the hospital more often.
Medics can now also see the amount of blood left on a dead person. This is so medics can prioritize. The percentage will be visible on the map.
Map markers for medics are also red now, instead of green.

Civ Changes

We've added a delay between gang base captures. You must wait 10 minutes before recapturing a base. You can decapture the base instantly after it's been capture though.

The key cards have been nerfed. The police computer system will keep track of all the key cards and if one is noticed missing, it will be deactivated. The delay for this is usually 10-30 minutes. Key cards also get deactivated if you go to sleep.
Our Russian friend in the prison has been quite overwhelmed with the demand of key cards and other artifacts, so he has decided to increased his prices a bit.

Time since the last major crime can be seen in your bottom right corner. Make sure it's been more than 30 minutes, before committing a major crime. The updating of that can be a bit iffy, but that's being looked into.




We hope you and all of your friends enjoy these changes. We've also done some bug fixes, which won't be listed here.
Please report any bugs you might encounter regarding the new island or otherwise on the forums. We hope you have a lovely week and continue supporting Arma-Life!

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