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Development Blog - v0.30 - 6.2.2019

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First of all, I'd like to say sorry for the lack of development on the server. The dev team has been taking a bit of a break. We hope you all understand that, because we're here working for this community, for basically no pay.
We've been doing our best to catch up and here's a changelog of the things we've done.


Morphine for medics - Jimbo
A bunch of clothing for SWAT, and Gangs - Travis
New beanies - Travis
Kill feed as a perk under global perks (level 14 required) - Fini
A new money algorithm for major crimes - Fini
Can't speak while knocked out - Jimbo


Double XP - Fini
"RP" third person view (Custom 3rd person. Original 3rd person is still in the game!) - Travis


The new money algorithm takes into consideration the amount of money spent on the server (number of cars & houses bought), the number of cops and players on the island. This means the later you do a major crime, the more money you potentially get. You also get more if you do the crime when there are a lot of players on. The amount given is rounded to the closes 100k and ranges between 100k and 900k. This is still in testing and might be subject to change later on.

I also decided not to include the massive list of bug fixes, because I don't think anyone's interested in knowing that you can't place vehicles taken from garages inside buildings anymore.


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