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Travis Butts

Development Blog - v0.29 - 1/19/19

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New DOC detail - Jacob Winters & Travis

Shanks & Zipties to Prison Trash Cans - Travis

Department will now show on death screen when killed by cop - Travis

Time left until you can do the major crime notification - Travis

Cops now get money when finding illegal stuff in crates and cars, and lists out the contents - Fini

Cops can now see warrants on player when checking licenses - Fini

Civilian Vehicle Shop for CID - Fini



Optimized the map markers - Jimbo

Key card price - Fini


Weight dupe issue, allowing people to make loads of dough - Travis & Jimbo

Issue where objects wouldn't render when pat down happened - Jimbo & Travis

Mission ending out of no where ("Crash") - Jimbo

Airport - Travis

2 Gas stations in metro, objects where everywhere - Travis

People being able to buy LSD Processing building - Travis

Warrants staying when player respawns - Jimbo

Map moving to bottom left if marker had issue - Jimbo

Players dying to door charge - Jimbo

Doors not locking with bolt - Travis & Jimbo

Cops being able to restrain, and do other actions when tied up - Jimbo

Key cards breaking when giving one - Travis & Jimbo 

Money not syncing sometimes - Jimbo

XP exploit with stabilizing - Jimbo

Put player in car - Fini



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