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Travis Butts

Development Blog - v0.28 - 1/17/19

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When setting players name, they are added to your contacts - Travis

Suits to shops - Jimbo

Pull Up Boys, Brotherhood, Capone Family, Outer Haven, Notorious, and Crown Cartel gang uniforms - Travis & Keenun

Black market dealer in a jail cell in prison, you can buy/sell items to him to make jail a better experience 😄 - Travis

Door Charge & Door Bolt (Door bolt is used to lock any door, door charge is used to bust that down) - Jimbo

Ladder Truck for fire-department - Travis

Rob shop check, players must wait 10 mins from restart b4 robbing stores - Travis



Trash gather time and items received - Travis

Text for admin things (If map markers on, it will say map markers instead of esp) - Jimbo



Bridges north of metro - Travis

Tunnel that had big gap in it - Travis

A lot of buildings being different colors, hard to see markers - Travis

Pump truck having bad texture - Travis

Lockpicking at DOC - Jimbo

Civs being able to use medic heli garage/shop - Jimbo

Issue allowing people to put guns away when robbing or switching to bino's - Travis

Text for last quest saying for XP then what was given - Jimbo

Not being able to cancel pushing a vehicle - Jimbo






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