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Travis Butts

Development Blog - v0.27 - 1/15/19

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So over the past few days we have been working close with one of the makers of TFAR to help get our server monetized, this is to help with server costs and to help us afford more servers for the community. As this is being done, their are some addons that do not allow monetization, which is why you will see some big changes with things. We ask you guys to work with us and adapt to the new stuff coming in as a lot of things do not allow monetization due to past events with life mods. We will be transparent through this process and will keep you all updated. Thanks!



Insurance to vehicles - Jimbo

Helis can now spawn with parachutes - Jimbo

New dupe check - Jimbo & Travis

When using a cyanide, the player can not be revived - Travis

Civ van that you can shoot out of - Jimbo



Optimized some default code - Jimbo

If a admin is invisible, you will no longer get an addition to the + on map marker - Travis

If being CPR'd it will show proper text on progress bar - Jimbo

Notification for truck will go to everyone involved - Jimbo

How police barriers are done and handled - Jimbo



Cash and bank resetting to 0 - Travis

Airport tower - Travis

Instant reving issues - Jimbo

Being able to use cyanide when restrained - Travis

Players being able to whitelist to there rank - Jimbo

A thread being spawned for nametags and shop tags (Should help with fps a bit) - Jimbo

Cops breaking into houses - Jimbo

Floating stuff outside of old doc - Travis

Sat map having blue on the sand - Travis



Police One-Tap Rifle - Jimbo

Casino (Monitization) - Travis

Tanus Objects, walls and objects (Monitization) - Travis

Jointrails (Monitization & is already in CBA) - Travis



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