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Travis Butts

Development Blog - v0.26 - 1/13/19

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New Jail - Travis & Jacob Winters

New Federal Reserve - Travis & Jacob Winters

New jail robbery system - Travis

When you die, you are set to yell (For shit talking ūüėĄ) - Jimbo

Marker color change for mafia and cartel when not capturing and capping - Jimbo 

New vehicle shop UI - Travis

New Jail UI, while in jail - Travis

More stuff for security - Travis

You can no longer lockpick EMS Vehicles - Jimbo

Added smoke for SWAT and Command - Jimbo

Ambulance to EMS Shop - Travis

More EMS Slots - Jimbo

Added Brotherhood, Los Diablos Cartel, and Bandidos Gang Stuff - Travis

Added TRYK Clothing to Rebel - Travis



EMS Repair time - Jimbo

Dupe containers will delete now - Fini



Road barriers that where buggy floating - Travis

Buildings out of place/a lot of stuff with map - Travis

Pull out of vehicles - Jimbo

Combat Logging allowing player to keep gear - Travis

Crate issue with houses - Travis

Gear not saving on log out - Travis

People being able to set name/white list turtles and fishes - Travis

People being able to rob stores with drills/news equipment - Travis

TP For admins - Jimbo

Issue with news text on banner - Travis

Disable broadcasts not working - Jimbo

Distance check on major crime crates - Travis & Jimbo

Object distance issue - Jimbo

Keycards not working sometime (Just hit use on keycard) - Jimbo

Hospital healing, if 100 hp and legs are broke it will only heal legs - Jimbo

Fixed flashbangs check - Jimbo

CRT Not seeing weapons - Jimbo



BNae Weapons - Travis

Signs pack - Travis

DOC Island - Travis



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