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Travis Butts

Development Blog - v0.25 - 1/9/19

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New saving for house containers (Weapons and attachments will save properly if you have the attachments on gun and mag in gun, also mags will save exact ammo that was in it before) - Travis

"Pullout Players" action will now pull out dead body's to - Jimbo

New pickup menu - Travis

New marker navigation menu (Navigation on phone, or unbind old map key and bind User Action 8 to m) - Jimbo & Travis

Cops can declare major crime while dead if hitting panic button - Fini

News equipment to general store - Jimbo



Access levels for whitelisted slots for cops - Travis

Gang creation price from 100k to 200k - Fini

EMS Vehicles WL Levels - Jimbo



Weapons dropping onto the ground - Travis & Jimbo

Combat Logging allowing player to keep gear - Travis

Unknown only allowing to gather 13 but could carry 22 with a backpack - Travis

Transport missions notifications and colors - Travis

Evidence locker not able to be robbed if cops declared it as major crime - Jimbo

Players being able to search garbage and lockpick doors when restrained - Fini

Scroll actions breaking if dying while restrained - Travis & Jimbo

Impound/Garage pullout issue with big trucks - Jimbo

Cops being able to buy helis for 2k - Travis



Cop money method 4Head - Travis

All old news shit - Travis



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