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Travis Butts

Development Blog - v0.24 - 1/7/19

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Department WL'ing Checks for shops - Travis & Jimbo

Ur Fat Gang Clothing - Travis

New SWAT Uniform - Travis & Niko

New Police Diving Suit and Diving goggles to shop - Travis & Myran

You now get XP for fixing the safe - Travis

New clothing shop dialog - Travis

Fuel Rockets and Launcher for CRT, and Command (When cop locks on and shoots, it will drain your helis fuel to 0.05) - Jimbo

Smoke when player is hit with fuel rocket - Jimbo

If admin has ESP on, it will add [ESP ON] to name and if they kill you with it on it will let you know - Travis

Lock picks to cop shop - Travis

Store Vehicle to cop air stand - Travis

2 more spawns for transport truck - Travis

Labels for special slots - Jimbo



Only civilians will create evidence for things - Travis

Police cars when impounded will go to garage - Travis

SWAT can now buy patrol uniforms - Travis

Only DOC, CRT, SWAT, and Command can spawn in metro - Jimbo

Gold container to use vehicle inventory system instead of individual - Travis

Weight of unknown - Travis

Double XP from on to off - Travis

Casino rob time from 500 secs to 600 secs and change bank from 600 secs to 700 secs - Travis

Changed heal fee from 70 to 150 - Travis

Reward time from 10 minutes to 7 minutes and changed reward amount from two to three - Travis

Fuel prices for refueling - Travis

Max Trunk Size from 700 to 600 - Travis 

Uranium sell price from 2,000 to 4,000 - Travis   big no on that



Giving items sometimes giving some into matrix - Travis

Connecting to database issue - Travis

CRT/SWAT Outfit not able to be put back on when dropping - Travis

Weapon shop selected name being different from list - Travis

Unknown only allowing to gather 6 but could carry 12 - Travis

Cops being able to delete transport truck by checking vehicle registration - Travis

Capitalization for GPS Tracker - Travis

Missing icon for engine disable - Travis

When storing or taking a item, it would select the top one - Travis

People being able to pick up items off ground while restrained - Travis



Airdrop weapons dropping on death - Travis

Old swat outfits - Travis

10 cop slots - Jimbo



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