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Travis Butts

Development Blog - v0.23 - 1/5/19

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20 more slots (more ems and cop slots added) - Travis & Fini

Tieing players back in - Jimbo

New set name dialog - Travis

The syndicate clothing to shop (Whitelisted) - Jimbo

Some more security - Travis

Undercover vehicles with better colors - Fini



Turned on double XP for celebration will be turned off on Monday - Travis

Loading in text (Added memes) - Travis

Optimized var spamming - Travis, Jimbo, and Fini

How gear saves (Attachments on weapons, etc) should all save now - Travis

Transport truck will take way less damage - Travis

Infi bans on load in - Fini

Minimum ticket price from $500 to $200 - Fini



Issue where when hitting esc on conformation menu would choose your next result for the next menu - Travis

AH Exploit/Dumping - Fini

Cops being able to impound the transport truck - Travis

Mass Sell Exploit - Fini

People able to open phone when dead - Travis

Weapon crate spawning in ground - Jimbo 

Canceling spawning a vehicle - Jimbo

Jail time not saving properly - Fini

Not being unrestrained when released - Jimbo & Travis

Being able to glitch through walls - Fini

EMS Cars having old level ranking (Caused some to be missing) - Travis 

Screen having spawn effects if put in jail on spawn - Travis

Not being able to talk on radio if you were restrained - Fini

Cop boat shop issue - Jimbo



FNP 45 - Travis

News Broadcast - Fini

server crashes - Travis, Jimbo, and Fini



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