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Travis Butts

Development Blog - v0.22 - 1/1/19

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This will be updated throughout the day, please keep eyes on it.



New Illegal Supply Truck (Read below for full details) - Jimbo & Sassy the idea generator 

New white listing system, you now have to look at the player to white list them (You now can whit list for departments which will allow access to certain shops) - Travis

You will now gain XP for playing on the server (Taking a slot!) - Travis

Check for radio, if bad radio it will give you a roleplay radio - Travis

Medic notification for when people die - Travis



How medic markers work, should work for all medics now - Jimbo

Player will always get fed relic even if he owns the perk - Travis



Only one door opening on bank - Travis

Bank stairs allowing bullets to go through them - Travis

Upstairs casino windows being bulletproof - Travis

PD Shops/ATM Locations - Travis

Error coming up when perk already owned - Travis

Issues on map with Lighting and Environment - Travis



The Illegal Supplies Truck

This event is a event everyone can participate in although if you want to get the reward you must be either cartel, mafia, or police.


This event is spawned in every 2 hours, and is loaded with a lot of goodies. You will need a few things to get the truck moving though as the tires are broke, the trucks out of gas, and the vehicle is locked. Make sure to bring the right utensil's over to get this thing moving, but once you get it moving be aware of other players as you are marked on their map.  If you are cartel or mafia, you must bring the truck back to your base and unload at the crate. If police you must bring it back to DoC, and unload at the evidence locker, and if you are a civilian well you can drive off with it and do what ever you want to it. When the truck is being unloaded the truck must remain within 40m of the container, if the truck leaves that radius the unloading will stop so protect the truck with everything you got! Once the truck is unloaded, you will be prompted with your reward which could consists of weapons, virtual items, or money. With this being added, there is a rule that has been added which states that when the truck is being unloaded it is kos within the zone. Please go reread the rules to make sure you fully understand how to operate around this event. Best of luck to all of you, and may the best group get the truck.



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