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Wellington Miller

Wellington Miller - Westwood County EMS Application

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Name John Miller

Age : 16

{field_name_199} : {field_value_199}

Timezone : US Eastern

Why do you want to join EMS? - 100 words : I would like to join EMS because I was told that EMS is needed on this server, and I would like to bring a sense of roleplay to the Medical Services. Since I am looking for a medical career in real life, I think I can bring my dedication and abilities into Arma Life. I want to roleplay. The medical services are always relied upon for keeping people alive. Being a part of something relatively new would be a fun change, with a new amount of adventure. I also heard there is a new EMS system being added, and I cant wait to see what new opportunities await.

Do you have any experience in a EMS Role? I have been EMS on a few Altis Life servers in the past, but mostly I do law enforcement. I have held many roles and positions inside various departments, but EMS is relatively new.

Why should we choose you over other applicants? - 75 words I have a lot of experience when it comes to arma life, and a lot of dedication to roleplay. With me, pressing a button and bringing someone back to life and watching the, just run away is sad at best. If I was selected, I would bring a sense of immersion to the medical services. Setting up EKGs, Taser barb removal, surgery, anything that I can do, I have a passion for doing. I want to help is the main theme with all of this. I want to help, and give people a great, memorable time in the process.

What skills can you bring to the EMS? - 75 words I can bring skills of patience, roleplay and professionalism to EMS. Being a medical professional requires dealing with people who aren't at their best behavior. Drunk people bleeding, suspects who just got tased, gun shot victims. These people are going to be every day occurences and having patience is necessary in this line of work. I already touched on roleplay in the last section, but to reiterate, being as close to real medical professionals as possible is the key. Professionalism encompasses all skills. Keeping calm, cool and collected, as well as giving the best care possible will separate you from the rest.

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On Hold


Dear @Wellington Miller 


At this time I am going to be placing your application on hold because the TeamSpeak server is not properly set up at the moment. I will be back to process your application when it is open.


Yours, sincerely

James Charger


Human Resources.

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