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Cronnax Heather

Cronnax Heather - Dev Application

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Name : Cronnax Heather


You're interested in doing? : Map Development/Website/Teamspeak/Scripting


What experience do you have? : None but with my current education i have worked with HTML, CSS, C++, Python and some Java, i have also worked with Xcam abit so i know about it, ive had my own server before, so i know a bit about Arma script. I like to use my creativity to form something new that other people likes. 

I've chilled with alot of teamspeak setup. 

I would like to add that i'm currently taking an education as an IT specialist as network manager, server manager, in about 2 years out of my 7 and a half year at All, so im 5 and a half year into it. 

I understand if you decline my application for a more qualified person, but I hope to get a chance. 


What timezone do you live in? : CET / Denmark 


Additional Info: i have around 5-8 houers a day to work on things for the server, and some days it Will be more and some less. 

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Dear @Cronnax Heather,

Your application has been Accepted!

Please join our teamspeak server, and speak with either a Development Manager, or a Server Manager for further instructions

Thank you for your patience!


Kind regards, Orin Miller

Network Lead

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