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Kaiden Smith

Development Blog - V0.12 - 09/08/19

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Note - Unfortunately due to our trello being deleted and me not being able to remember all that has been added, changed, fixed and so on, so you will probably find some hidden/unwritten features or changes in game.



- Robbing system fitting for current bank and casino - Kaiden

  • - Required items: Physical item drill bag, V-item bags (All can be bougt in the burglary store)

  • - Casino interaction is currently slightly bugged which means that it instantly starts once you press windowskey.

- New Art Gallery/Statue Exhibit Major Crime - Kaiden

  •  - Requires you to hack into 2 security systems located at each area before the grids which protect the artwork will be removed

  • - As of right now the paintings are bugged and you cannot interact with them all and they don't all have textures

- Almost all houses can be bought now - Orin

- Federal reserve works like (Works like old bank but with gold) - Kaiden

- GTA LSPDFR inspired navigation system (Shows nearest city and nearest area plus the direction you are looking) - Kaiden



- Wiki updated for current major crimes - Orin

- Major crimes can be done with 5 cops online instead of 7 - Kaiden



- Notification system missing colors when layered - Kaiden

- Bank having multiple stairs



- Hud player count in bottom left



- Second Bank & Second Casino - Kaiden

- Oil Spil Event - Kaiden

- Oil Rig Major Crime - Kaiden




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