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Zayne Bracken

Development Blog v0.11 - 02/08/19

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Firstly, thank you to the entire community for their patience whilst we moved to Erie County. After putting countless hours and hours into making Erie County the best I could, I am overwhelmed with the response and feedback from the community. This was my biggest project to date and I will continue to improve Erie over time and make it something that will struggle to be matched.  - Zayne
Anyway, heres the changelog:


- Assent Gang, Dreadnocks Gang, Pusha Gang, Merryweather Security Gang textures
- DOC Mining Area - Zayne
- New Perks: Unlimited Bandages, 5-20% off Vehicles prices, Mulitple/Unlimited Zipties, Normal repair speed without repair kit - Kaiden

- You can now fill up at any gas station on the map - Zayne
- More variety of Hats and Glasses in Rebel Clothing - Zayne
- More guns for SERT in order to keep balanced with Civs - Josh
- Added Rangefinders for Medics - Kaiden
- 10 more guns to Secret Trader - Zayne
- Rebel Trader and Market inside Rebel Controlled Town - Zayne
- Rebel Controlled Town is now KOS for
Cops Only Rule , Don't use this an excuse to bait cops - Zayne
- Heli Spawn to Rebel Outpost - Zayne


- Lowered the price of Necklace Casting to make drugs the most profitable - Zayne
- Increased the sell price of Meth/lowered weight by 1 - Zayne
- Balanced out Rebel and Advanced Rebel - Zayne
- CPR is now logged in the AH - Fini
- Can no longer store Major Crime vitem rewards in vehicles - Kaiden
- Lowered the price of scopes in Rebel/Adv Rebel - Zayne
- Upped price of Marked Money from 25k to 55k (Bank gives upto a total of 1.2million) - Zayne
- Casino chips increased slightly (Casino gives 900k) - Zayne
- Jailspawns all have JailGoods (Temp Fix for not being able to Lockpick out) - Zayne
- Increased lockpick sell price for the temp fix so you can buy keycards to break out - Zayne
- Replaced the DOC Long Fence Gates with OG Gates so they can be used with KeyCards - Zayne
- Changed DOC Front Gate - Zayne
- Another Accesible entrance for Helicoptors in secret trader - Zayne
- Improved Rebel Outpost - Zayne

- Expolit in AL_Clothing on EMS Vests that would crash the server - Fini/Zayne
- Missing Mags/Attachments in Rebel/Adv Rebel - Zayne
- Notifications going off to left when there is muitple/stacking - Kaiden
- Corrected some notification titles - Kaiden
- Boat Shops - Zayne
- Lakeside Hospital Heli Shop - Zayne
- Vehicles not being stored after restart - Kaiden
- Most of the trees that were in the road - Zayne
- No Luxury car shop marker in Union City - Zayne
- 200T Car - Zayne
- Low FPS in Secret Trader - Zayne
- Some of the bumpy roads around the map - Zayne
- No collision on DOJ Roof - Zayne

- Beds from Hospitals as they crash the server - Zayne
- Dome in Rebel to make space for heli spawns - Zayne
- Invisble Walls in DOC - Zayne



- Oil Spill Mission Event
- PayDay style jewerelly robbery system
- Dynamic Drug Market
- High Value Target for Cops and Gangs Event
- Refined Weapons Cache
- Fully Fuctional Risk v Reward Art Gallery Major Crime
- Federal Gold Reserve Risk V Reward Major Crime
- KOS Type Events inside Rebel Controlled Town (Weapons Cache, Hacking and more)


Sync Released: 4:30PM GMT+1


[Known Bugs/Issues that are still to be fixed]
- Not being unload Transport at DOC
- Stabilzers not extending life
- Majority of Jaildoors in DOC can't be lockpicked
- Speedcams in PD Cars not working
- Gang Hacking
- Bumpy/Misaligned Roads in places

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