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  1. On Hold Dear @Wellington Miller At this time I am going to be placing your application on hold because the TeamSpeak server is not properly set up at the moment. I will be back to process your application when it is open. Yours, sincerely James Charger Lieutenant Human Resources.
  2. On-Hold Dear @Ray Dennis At this time I am going to be placing your application on hold because apps are not open yet. I will come back to you when we re-open. Yours, sincerely James Charger Lieutenant Human Resources.
  3. ey mate start up SIU please<3

    1. Corey Spencer

      Corey Spencer

      I'm not even on this server anymore, my friend. The server wasn't welcoming and forthcoming with their intentions with the Department of Justice.

      I worked my ass off for D.O.J and that's why I ended up leading it. It's a shame it didn't the same Dev attention which would have led to members. 

      When I leave a server, I check up and don't really return. I don't think this server will be much different unless I see improvement.

    2. James Charger

      James Charger

      I see DOJ got removed, if everyone took their time to actually use DOJ I think it would be great with you leading it. Too bad it wasnt used.

    3. Corey Spencer

      Corey Spencer

      I appreciate that. Unfortunately, people seem to get bored unless they're shooting someone.


      I have non-combative roleplay. It's difference. Diverse. I don't mind shooting people but that's repetitive. 5 seconds of fun and repeat.


      Things won't change unless the people above set the narrative.

  4. All the e-girls wants the ems come get it boys apply today.

  5. James Charger

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] James Charger - Compensation Request - Accepted

    Name: James Outlaw Date of Incident : 03/02/2019 Time of Incident (GMT+1): 22:00 Amount your claiming: 110000 Description of Events : Crashed slightly into car in city, then my car flew to hell. and "exploded" Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTyIxIMQ_Z0&feature=youtu.be