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  1. On Hold Dear @Wellington Miller At this time I am going to be placing your application on hold because the TeamSpeak server is not properly set up at the moment. I will be back to process your application when it is open. Yours, sincerely James Charger Lieutenant Human Resources.
  2. On-Hold Dear @Ray Dennis At this time I am going to be placing your application on hold because apps are not open yet. I will come back to you when we re-open. Yours, sincerely James Charger Lieutenant Human Resources.
  3. If your date of ban was 01/10/2000 I think it should be lifted by now
  4. ey mate start up SIU please<3

    1. Corey Spencer

      Corey Spencer

      I'm not even on this server anymore, my friend. The server wasn't welcoming and forthcoming with their intentions with the Department of Justice.

      I worked my ass off for D.O.J and that's why I ended up leading it. It's a shame it didn't the same Dev attention which would have led to members. 

      When I leave a server, I check up and don't really return. I don't think this server will be much different unless I see improvement.

    2. James Charger

      James Charger

      I see DOJ got removed, if everyone took their time to actually use DOJ I think it would be great with you leading it. Too bad it wasnt used.

    3. Corey Spencer

      Corey Spencer

      I appreciate that. Unfortunately, people seem to get bored unless they're shooting someone.


      I have non-combative roleplay. It's difference. Diverse. I don't mind shooting people but that's repetitive. 5 seconds of fun and repeat.


      Things won't change unless the people above set the narrative.

  5. Name: James Charger Age: 19 Steam64: 76561198089431677 Why do you want to be a Judge! ( 50 words ) : I've always wanted to be a judge, I applied for the position as a prosecutor before Metropolis city went down so unfortunately this didn't happen, I was called to an interview before this. I passed the bar exam in Metropolis' own Department of Justice and I was also an Investigator for the DOJ. I've watched a lot of "Judge Judy" which has inspired me to apply for this job, and always really visualized myself in the position as a Judge in court. So I'm sure I would be a great asset for the DOJ. Do you have past experience with law work : I was a private attorney back in Metropolis, as well as an Investigator for the DOJ. Are you in or related to a gang : No Do you fully understand both the current Legal Guidelines and the Penal Codes : Yes, I do.
  6. All the e-girls wants the ems come get it boys apply today.

  7. Name: James Charger Age: 18 Why do you want to join Metro PD (100 Words): I would love to join Metro Police department as it is my passion, I have a lot of experience as a Police Officer in several cities, and would love to continue it in Metropolis. I'm a big fan of the police job and I also love Metropolis as I've lived there before the city went on close-down, before that I worked for the EMS as a Human Resources clerk. I hope to be able to work for you and help out in the city to make this city a much better place. I'm a trustworthy person and know how to do the job correctly and how to follow Chain of Command and standard operation procedures. MPD is just a dream for me to join. Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I think you should pick me over other applicants because I'm a nice, social and listening person. I always follow the Standard Operation Procedures and make sure I know them correctly, I always follow the chain of command and I always make sure everything is done right. I will be very active as I'm soon to be taking a break from work and I always will come on duty after my "day" work from 08:00-16:00 GMT+1, also weekends will I be very active depending on the dates. What are your previous experiences with being an LEO?: I've gotten a lot of experience from other cities such as Lakeside ((EVORP, ALRP)). In lakeside I've gotten up to a Sergeant for the Department of Corrections as well as a Field Training Officer where I've helped out new cadets or just done trainings in general. As a Sergeant I got the responsibility of all the Cadets in DOC if there were no higher ranking Officer on duty, this was a challange but I think I did well. What makes a good Police Officer in your opinion? (100 words) : The thing that makes a good Police Officer can be a lot of things, but mostly it is if an Officer is an honest person and a good listener. It's very important to listen to all sides of stories even if it's very obvious on one side. I always make sure I get to listen to both side of stories for example. An Officer is always to be made sure a crime has been commited and not wrongfully arrest someone for somethings they've not done. There has been cases where people got wrongfully convicted and a good Officer will always make sure she or he has done the right thing or not. Anything else?: Not really, thanks for reading my application ,hope you will give me the chance to show my skills to you.
  8. Age: 18 Have you passed the BAR exam? Yes hy do you want to be hired (150 Words): I would love to be hired because I think I could be of good help in the Department of Justice as a prosecutor. To be honest, I did not know that much about the job as a prosecutor before this, firstly I wanted to do it just to get a transfer chance to join the Special Investigation Unit (which I would also love to join) but when I read about the actual work prosecutors do, I think it sounds like a pretty interesting and serious job while actually getting to work together with law enforcement and the department of justice. I've been learning a lot about prosecutors and how they do their job, which gives me some insight on how to actually do the job and how to stay serious and do the job correctly. I'm a person which really goes for something I think is interesting and that sounds like a thing for me. And I feel like this is something I would love to work as and try out. What can you offer the Department of Justice (100 Words): The things that I could offer to the Department of Justice is me. I'm a very kind and social person, which loves to communicate with people. I'm a good lie-teller and know who to trust and who I should keep an eye out on. I know how to "bond" with a person and make them trust me which could be a big strenght in court if for example I talk with the person who did the crime or witnesses and victims. I respect people even tho some can be grumpy and aggressive, I still respect them and try my best to help the person out if they for example got a problem with me, someone or something. I've re-read some points in the practicioners guide which I was not really that sure about and got to know a lot more than I did before I started. So I think I'm sure if the evidence is sufficent enough to bring the person(s) to court or not. I can be fast to think of questions on the spot which fits into the situation in for example a court case most of the time. So I know how to drill questions into people and make them give up at the spot and give them selves in and give up the case and take the punishment they deserve. Do you have any strengths? I'm a pretty kind person which can be serious when needed, and I know how to handle sticky situations and think of things on the spot like questions and such. I'm also very interested in this position in the Department of Justice which makes me much more willing to learn more and do the job correctly instead of for example working in a supermarket stacking up groceries all day. So I'm very sure that I would take time and learn everything about a prosecutors job. I find everything in law exciting and "action" filled which makes the day more facinating than just doing normal daily tasks. I am an honest man, which holds my word. I can be trusted. Do you have any weaknesses? There are some hard words in english which I could have a problem pronouncing and remembering, but If I practice enough I'm sure I would get them right. I also can be a little restless but that's also a good thing as it makes me want to work harder and finish/get people the punishment they deserve and work hard. Did you talk to anyone in the DAO prior to making an application? Yes, Jake Santiago and Jaeger Clemont. I hope you could give me a chance even tho I may not be the "perfect" applicant your looking for. But I'm sure you won't regret giving me this chance. It would boost my confidence and work potentional by a thousand percent. Thank you. Yours Sincerely James Charger
  9. James Charger

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] James Charger - Compensation Request - Accepted

    Name: James Outlaw Date of Incident : 03/02/2019 Time of Incident (GMT+1): 22:00 Amount your claiming: 110000 Description of Events : Crashed slightly into car in city, then my car flew to hell. and "exploded" Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTyIxIMQ_Z0&feature=youtu.be