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  1. NHS Recruiting Hello my name is Tommy Current NHS Chief, I am looking for commanding Members for NHS and also a deputy with experience. Current Available Command positions are, Deputy Lead & Co-lead for FTO Lead & Co-lead for MAS 1 Command position at a rank of consultant Please if interested contact me on ts or Discord at Tommy Escobar#0107
  2. NHS Site We have created a Public Site for people wanting to join NHS and learn all general Rules within NHS, this site will give you all the knowledge needed to become a fully fledged NHS member. You can find the NHS Site by clicking HERE!
  3. NHS Public Roster We have created a public roster to allow our medics to track their status within NHS. This means that it allows medics to know if they inactive or not so they can improve before getting removed. You can find the NHS Handbook by clicking HERE!
  4. NHS HANDBOOK We have created a handbook for all trainees and people join NHS to be able to follow all rules and learn everything they need to know about the NHS, forms and other pieces that NHS use. This handbook is a priority to the NHS, it will learn you everything you need to know and will get you all the answers to you questions You can find the NHS Handbook by clicking HERE!
  5. Name : Tommy Escobar You're interested in doing? : graphics/maps What experience do you have? : i have had the experiance of developing on a server called PhoenixRP was not modded server, i created all there medics and cop skins also was creating new border for them and didn't Finnish as i left the server cause of the lead dev as he was a dick, i was also making a server called SynergyRP did all map dev for them and all custom skins for the server, i love deving and whish to be apart of the dev team to learn new things i hope you give me a chance to prove myself and i will always be active to dev for this server. What timezone do you live in? : GMT