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  1. [ADDED] New DOC detail - Jacob Winters & Travis Shanks & Zipties to Prison Trash Cans - Travis Department will now show on death screen when killed by cop - Travis Time left until you can do the major crime notification - Travis Cops now get money when finding illegal stuff in crates and cars, and lists out the contents - Fini Cops can now see warrants on player when checking licenses - Fini Civilian Vehicle Shop for CID - Fini [CHANGED] Optimized the map markers - Jimbo Key card price - Fini [FIXED] Weight dupe issue, allowing people to make loads of dough - Travis & Jimbo Issue where objects wouldn't render when pat down happened - Jimbo & Travis Mission ending out of no where ("Crash") - Jimbo Airport - Travis 2 Gas stations in metro, objects where everywhere - Travis People being able to buy LSD Processing building - Travis Warrants staying when player respawns - Jimbo Map moving to bottom left if marker had issue - Jimbo Players dying to door charge - Jimbo Doors not locking with bolt - Travis & Jimbo Cops being able to restrain, and do other actions when tied up - Jimbo Key cards breaking when giving one - Travis & Jimbo Money not syncing sometimes - Jimbo XP exploit with stabilizing - Jimbo Put player in car - Fini MODPACK UPDATE: YES UPDATE SIZE: 450 MB
  2. [ADDED] When setting players name, they are added to your contacts - Travis Suits to shops - Jimbo Pull Up Boys, Brotherhood, Capone Family, Outer Haven, Notorious, and Crown Cartel gang uniforms - Travis & Keenun Black market dealer in a jail cell in prison, you can buy/sell items to him to make jail a better experience - Travis Door Charge & Door Bolt (Door bolt is used to lock any door, door charge is used to bust that down) - Jimbo Ladder Truck for fire-department - Travis Rob shop check, players must wait 10 mins from restart b4 robbing stores - Travis [CHANGED] Trash gather time and items received - Travis Text for admin things (If map markers on, it will say map markers instead of esp) - Jimbo [FIXED] Bridges north of metro - Travis Tunnel that had big gap in it - Travis A lot of buildings being different colors, hard to see markers - Travis Pump truck having bad texture - Travis Lockpicking at DOC - Jimbo Civs being able to use medic heli garage/shop - Jimbo Issue allowing people to put guns away when robbing or switching to bino's - Travis Text for last quest saying for XP then what was given - Jimbo Not being able to cancel pushing a vehicle - Jimbo [REMOVED] FNP FOR GOOD - Travis MODPACK UPDATE: YES UPDATE SIZE: 750 MB
  3. So over the past few days we have been working close with one of the makers of TFAR to help get our server monetized, this is to help with server costs and to help us afford more servers for the community. As this is being done, their are some addons that do not allow monetization, which is why you will see some big changes with things. We ask you guys to work with us and adapt to the new stuff coming in as a lot of things do not allow monetization due to past events with life mods. We will be transparent through this process and will keep you all updated. Thanks! [ADDED] Insurance to vehicles - Jimbo Helis can now spawn with parachutes - Jimbo New dupe check - Jimbo & Travis When using a cyanide, the player can not be revived - Travis Civ van that you can shoot out of - Jimbo [CHANGED] Optimized some default code - Jimbo If a admin is invisible, you will no longer get an addition to the + on map marker - Travis If being CPR'd it will show proper text on progress bar - Jimbo Notification for truck will go to everyone involved - Jimbo How police barriers are done and handled - Jimbo [FIXED] Cash and bank resetting to 0 - Travis Airport tower - Travis Instant reving issues - Jimbo Being able to use cyanide when restrained - Travis Players being able to whitelist to there rank - Jimbo A thread being spawned for nametags and shop tags (Should help with fps a bit) - Jimbo Cops breaking into houses - Jimbo Floating stuff outside of old doc - Travis Sat map having blue on the sand - Travis [REMOVED] Police One-Tap Rifle - Jimbo Casino (Monitization) - Travis Tanus Objects, walls and objects (Monitization) - Travis Jointrails (Monitization & is already in CBA) - Travis MODPACK UPDATE: YES UPDATE SIZE: 500 MB
  4. [ADDED] New Jail - Travis & Jacob Winters New Federal Reserve - Travis & Jacob Winters New jail robbery system - Travis When you die, you are set to yell (For shit talking ) - Jimbo Marker color change for mafia and cartel when not capturing and capping - Jimbo New vehicle shop UI - Travis New Jail UI, while in jail - Travis More stuff for security - Travis You can no longer lockpick EMS Vehicles - Jimbo Added smoke for SWAT and Command - Jimbo Ambulance to EMS Shop - Travis More EMS Slots - Jimbo Added Brotherhood, Los Diablos Cartel, and Bandidos Gang Stuff - Travis Added TRYK Clothing to Rebel - Travis [CHANGED] EMS Repair time - Jimbo Dupe containers will delete now - Fini [FIXED] Road barriers that where buggy floating - Travis Buildings out of place/a lot of stuff with map - Travis Pull out of vehicles - Jimbo Combat Logging allowing player to keep gear - Travis Crate issue with houses - Travis Gear not saving on log out - Travis People being able to set name/white list turtles and fishes - Travis People being able to rob stores with drills/news equipment - Travis TP For admins - Jimbo Issue with news text on banner - Travis Disable broadcasts not working - Jimbo Distance check on major crime crates - Travis & Jimbo Object distance issue - Jimbo Keycards not working sometime (Just hit use on keycard) - Jimbo Hospital healing, if 100 hp and legs are broke it will only heal legs - Jimbo Fixed flashbangs check - Jimbo CRT Not seeing weapons - Jimbo [REMOVED] BNae Weapons - Travis Signs pack - Travis DOC Island - Travis MODPACK UPDATE: YES UPDATE SIZE: 1.5 GB
  5. [ADDED] New saving for house containers (Weapons and attachments will save properly if you have the attachments on gun and mag in gun, also mags will save exact ammo that was in it before) - Travis "Pullout Players" action will now pull out dead body's to - Jimbo New pickup menu - Travis New marker navigation menu (Navigation on phone, or unbind old map key and bind User Action 8 to m) - Jimbo & Travis Cops can declare major crime while dead if hitting panic button - Fini News equipment to general store - Jimbo [CHANGED] Access levels for whitelisted slots for cops - Travis Gang creation price from 100k to 200k - Fini EMS Vehicles WL Levels - Jimbo [FIXED] Weapons dropping onto the ground - Travis & Jimbo Combat Logging allowing player to keep gear - Travis Unknown only allowing to gather 13 but could carry 22 with a backpack - Travis Transport missions notifications and colors - Travis Evidence locker not able to be robbed if cops declared it as major crime - Jimbo Players being able to search garbage and lockpick doors when restrained - Fini Scroll actions breaking if dying while restrained - Travis & Jimbo Impound/Garage pullout issue with big trucks - Jimbo Cops being able to buy helis for 2k - Travis [REMOVED] Cop money method 4Head - Travis All old news shit - Travis MODPACK UPDATE: NO UPDATE SIZE: N/A
  6. [ADDED] Department WL'ing Checks for shops - Travis & Jimbo Ur Fat Gang Clothing - Travis New SWAT Uniform - Travis & Niko New Police Diving Suit and Diving goggles to shop - Travis & Myran You now get XP for fixing the safe - Travis New clothing shop dialog - Travis Fuel Rockets and Launcher for CRT, and Command (When cop locks on and shoots, it will drain your helis fuel to 0.05) - Jimbo Smoke when player is hit with fuel rocket - Jimbo If admin has ESP on, it will add [ESP ON] to name and if they kill you with it on it will let you know - Travis Lock picks to cop shop - Travis Store Vehicle to cop air stand - Travis 2 more spawns for transport truck - Travis Labels for special slots - Jimbo [CHANGED] Only civilians will create evidence for things - Travis Police cars when impounded will go to garage - Travis SWAT can now buy patrol uniforms - Travis Only DOC, CRT, SWAT, and Command can spawn in metro - Jimbo Gold container to use vehicle inventory system instead of individual - Travis Weight of unknown - Travis Double XP from on to off - Travis Casino rob time from 500 secs to 600 secs and change bank from 600 secs to 700 secs - Travis Changed heal fee from 70 to 150 - Travis Reward time from 10 minutes to 7 minutes and changed reward amount from two to three - Travis Fuel prices for refueling - Travis Max Trunk Size from 700 to 600 - Travis Uranium sell price from 2,000 to 4,000 - Travis big no on that [FIXED] Giving items sometimes giving some into matrix - Travis Connecting to database issue - Travis CRT/SWAT Outfit not able to be put back on when dropping - Travis Weapon shop selected name being different from list - Travis Unknown only allowing to gather 6 but could carry 12 - Travis Cops being able to delete transport truck by checking vehicle registration - Travis Capitalization for GPS Tracker - Travis Missing icon for engine disable - Travis When storing or taking a item, it would select the top one - Travis People being able to pick up items off ground while restrained - Travis [REMOVED] Airdrop weapons dropping on death - Travis Old swat outfits - Travis 10 cop slots - Jimbo MODPACK UPDATE: YES UPDATE SIZE: 300 MB
  7. [ADDED] 20 more slots (more ems and cop slots added) - Travis & Fini Tieing players back in - Jimbo New set name dialog - Travis The syndicate clothing to shop (Whitelisted) - Jimbo Some more security - Travis Undercover vehicles with better colors - Fini [CHANGED] Turned on double XP for celebration will be turned off on Monday - Travis Loading in text (Added memes) - Travis Optimized var spamming - Travis, Jimbo, and Fini How gear saves (Attachments on weapons, etc) should all save now - Travis Transport truck will take way less damage - Travis Infi bans on load in - Fini Minimum ticket price from $500 to $200 - Fini [FIXED] Issue where when hitting esc on conformation menu would choose your next result for the next menu - Travis AH Exploit/Dumping - Fini Cops being able to impound the transport truck - Travis Mass Sell Exploit - Fini People able to open phone when dead - Travis Weapon crate spawning in ground - Jimbo Canceling spawning a vehicle - Jimbo Jail time not saving properly - Fini Not being unrestrained when released - Jimbo & Travis Being able to glitch through walls - Fini EMS Cars having old level ranking (Caused some to be missing) - Travis Screen having spawn effects if put in jail on spawn - Travis Not being able to talk on radio if you were restrained - Fini Cop boat shop issue - Jimbo [REMOVED] FNP 45 - Travis News Broadcast - Fini server crashes - Travis, Jimbo, and Fini MODPACK UPDATE: YES UPDATE SIZE: N/A
  8. This will be updated throughout the day, please keep eyes on it. [ADDED] New Illegal Supply Truck (Read below for full details) - Jimbo & Sassy the idea generator New white listing system, you now have to look at the player to white list them (You now can whit list for departments which will allow access to certain shops) - Travis You will now gain XP for playing on the server (Taking a slot!) - Travis Check for radio, if bad radio it will give you a roleplay radio - Travis Medic notification for when people die - Travis [CHANGED] How medic markers work, should work for all medics now - Jimbo Player will always get fed relic even if he owns the perk - Travis [FIXED] Only one door opening on bank - Travis Bank stairs allowing bullets to go through them - Travis Upstairs casino windows being bulletproof - Travis PD Shops/ATM Locations - Travis Error coming up when perk already owned - Travis Issues on map with Lighting and Environment - Travis The Illegal Supplies Truck This event is a event everyone can participate in although if you want to get the reward you must be either cartel, mafia, or police. This event is spawned in every 2 hours, and is loaded with a lot of goodies. You will need a few things to get the truck moving though as the tires are broke, the trucks out of gas, and the vehicle is locked. Make sure to bring the right utensil's over to get this thing moving, but once you get it moving be aware of other players as you are marked on their map. If you are cartel or mafia, you must bring the truck back to your base and unload at the crate. If police you must bring it back to DoC, and unload at the evidence locker, and if you are a civilian well you can drive off with it and do what ever you want to it. When the truck is being unloaded the truck must remain within 40m of the container, if the truck leaves that radius the unloading will stop so protect the truck with everything you got! Once the truck is unloaded, you will be prompted with your reward which could consists of weapons, virtual items, or money. With this being added, there is a rule that has been added which states that when the truck is being unloaded it is kos within the zone. Please go reread the rules to make sure you fully understand how to operate around this event. Best of luck to all of you, and may the best group get the truck. MODPACK UPDATE: YES UPDATE SIZE: 600 MB
  9. We have updated are box and server to see if it helps with crashes *crosses fingers*. [ADDED] Option to decapture a base, anyone can do it that's in a gang - Travis Medics can now pull out dead bodies - Jimbo Stabilizers for cops - Travis Ladder truck and another fire truck - Jimbo New road between north spawn and cartel bridge - Travis New doc bridge - Travis New bank building - Travis [CHANGED] Cartel Bridge - Travis Civilian heli prices - Travis Notifications for hospital healing - Travis SDAR Price - Jimbo Flashbang name - Jimbo Some antihack stuff - Fini [FIXED] Weapon crates not spawning - Jimbo PD Shops Issues - Travis Attachments deleting off of gun if weapon is dropped - Jimbo People able to double cap a base - Travis Launder tax not taking the tax of items - Travis Rob player action needing player to surrender - Travis People able to shoot when restrained - Jimbo [REMOVED] A ton of trees from metro, there was some that had 3 stacked inside each other - Travis Long range radios from vehicles - Jimbo All hide objects - Travis & Jimbo MODPACK UPDATE: YES UPDATE SIZE: 300 MB
  10. Hey man. Sorry to be so intrusive. But can you review this:

    I'm so bored and it's New Years so I don't have much to do. Please give me a straight answer. Thanks ❤️

  11. [ADDED] New Trunk UI - Travis Chance to find radio from trashcans in jail - Jimbo Cartel processing fee back - Travis Cops and EMS able to access gas station market - Jimbo Ride along vests for EMS - Jimbo Cops can now assign arresting officer when sending to jail to give that cop money for arrest - Fini Trashcans to every single cell - Jimbo You will not be able to access atms right away when robbing a gas station or major crime - Travis & Fini Searching warrants at top - Jimbo [CHANGED] 6.8 are needed to be found in airdrops now - Fini Max time to 2 hours in jail - Fini Cop paychecks price - Fini Whitelist menu is now sorted by name - Jimbo You can now change stance while restrained - Jimbo [FIXED] Impound retrieval issue - Travis House crate storing issue - Travis Major server lag issue with spawning of physical rocks - Travis House owner not being able to open crate unless he unlocks storage - Travis People being able to shoot while restrained - Jimbo CPR Full Heal Perk - Jimbo & Fini Compiling issue on backend - Travis Change how spawning vehicle works if blank spawn - Travis Admin/CID Cars in civ shops - Travis Jail issue when logging out - Jimbo MP5 Dropping on ground - Travis EMS Slots having a weird out of sort - Travis Players being able to transport a player through hostage exploit - Travis Civs being able to hear cop freqs - Travis Cars being able to be taken anywhere from garage - Jimbo [REMOVED] All 6.8's from shops - Fini Female Clothing (Caused issues) - Travis Dev heli - Travis Double XP as the jolly season is over - Travis MODPACK UPDATE: YES UPDATE SIZE: N/A
  12. How do i fix the server?

  13. i need more than 300k comp fam

  14. "Travis Butts" pokes you: think i found the issue. restarting server