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  1. Firstly, thank you to the entire community for their patience whilst we moved to Erie County. After putting countless hours and hours into making Erie County the best I could, I am overwhelmed with the response and feedback from the community. This was my biggest project to date and I will continue to improve Erie over time and make it something that will struggle to be matched. - Zayne Anyway, heres the changelog: [ADDED] - Assent Gang, Dreadnocks Gang, Pusha Gang, Merryweather Security Gang textures - DOC Mining Area - Zayne - New Perks: Unlimited Bandages, 5-20% off Vehicles prices, Mulitple/Unlimited Zipties, Normal repair speed without repair kit - Kaiden - You can now fill up at any gas station on the map - Zayne - More variety of Hats and Glasses in Rebel Clothing - Zayne - More guns for SERT in order to keep balanced with Civs - Josh - Added Rangefinders for Medics - Kaiden - 10 more guns to Secret Trader - Zayne - Rebel Trader and Market inside Rebel Controlled Town - Zayne - Rebel Controlled Town is now KOS for Cops Only Rule , Don't use this an excuse to bait cops - Zayne - Heli Spawn to Rebel Outpost - Zayne [CHANGED] - Lowered the price of Necklace Casting to make drugs the most profitable - Zayne - Increased the sell price of Meth/lowered weight by 1 - Zayne - Balanced out Rebel and Advanced Rebel - Zayne - CPR is now logged in the AH - Fini - Can no longer store Major Crime vitem rewards in vehicles - Kaiden - Lowered the price of scopes in Rebel/Adv Rebel - Zayne - Upped price of Marked Money from 25k to 55k (Bank gives upto a total of 1.2million) - Zayne - Casino chips increased slightly (Casino gives 900k) - Zayne - Jailspawns all have JailGoods (Temp Fix for not being able to Lockpick out) - Zayne - Increased lockpick sell price for the temp fix so you can buy keycards to break out - Zayne - Replaced the DOC Long Fence Gates with OG Gates so they can be used with KeyCards - Zayne - Changed DOC Front Gate - Zayne - Another Accesible entrance for Helicoptors in secret trader - Zayne - Improved Rebel Outpost - Zayne [FIXED] - Expolit in AL_Clothing on EMS Vests that would crash the server - Fini/Zayne - Missing Mags/Attachments in Rebel/Adv Rebel - Zayne - Notifications going off to left when there is muitple/stacking - Kaiden - Corrected some notification titles - Kaiden - Boat Shops - Zayne - Lakeside Hospital Heli Shop - Zayne - Vehicles not being stored after restart - Kaiden - Most of the trees that were in the road - Zayne - No Luxury car shop marker in Union City - Zayne - 200T Car - Zayne - Low FPS in Secret Trader - Zayne - Some of the bumpy roads around the map - Zayne - No collision on DOJ Roof - Zayne [REMOVED] - Beds from Hospitals as they crash the server - Zayne - Dome in Rebel to make space for heli spawns - Zayne - Invisble Walls in DOC - Zayne [SOON TO COME] - Oil Spill Mission Event - PayDay style jewerelly robbery system - Dynamic Drug Market - High Value Target for Cops and Gangs Event - Refined Weapons Cache - Fully Fuctional Risk v Reward Art Gallery Major Crime - Federal Gold Reserve Risk V Reward Major Crime - KOS Type Events inside Rebel Controlled Town (Weapons Cache, Hacking and more) MODPACK UPDATE: YES UPDATE SIZE: 1GB Sync Released: 4:30PM GMT+1 [Known Bugs/Issues that are still to be fixed] - Not being unload Transport at DOC - Stabilzers not extending life - Majority of Jaildoors in DOC can't be lockpicked - Speedcams in PD Cars not working - Gang Hacking - Bumpy/Misaligned Roads in places
  2. DENIED Reason: You have applied mulitple times to both staff and development and have failed to meet the criteria.
  3. Double XP enabled over this weekend [ADDED] - New DOC Building - Zayne - New Art Gallery Major Crime - Zayne - Added Multiple Jail Goods dealer (2 inside Jail and 1 in the Yard) - Zayne - Titan Gang Clothing - Tommy - Titan Gang Cars - Tommy - 200T Gang Car - Like 20 EMS Vehicles - Zayne/Tommy - Added Jewerelly Crafting/Robbing - Zayne - Couple of PD Clothing - Josh - 2 DOJ Chargers - Roach [CHANGED] - Adjusted the prices of legal items - Josh - Decreased Weapon prices - Mendaxx - 9 different jail spawn locations, 3 on each floor - Zayne - Whitelisted Shops for FD Only and EMS Only (No longer shared) - Zayne - Moved Drug Dealer in Metro slightly more North - Josh - Increased space on EMS Clothing/Vest - Zayne [FIXED] - Phsyical Mining has been adjusted to the same system as Ruby - Zayne - PD Whitelisting issues - Zayne/Josh - Tweaked DOC - Zayne/Josh - Fixed Bitcoin hacking issues - Fini - Lockpicking/Keycards for DOC Building - Zayne [REMOVED] - A bunch of unused mods - Nick - Broken weapons from Rebel - Zayne [SOON TO COME] - Risk v Reward for Art Gallery - Zayne/Kaiden - Cryptocurrency Economy with flucating prices - Andy (Hopefully next week) - Mining Activities for Prisoners - Zayne - Terrain changes as per community suggestions MODPACK UPDATE: YES UPDATE SIZE: 700MB
  4. TO READ FULL CHANGELOG GO DOWN [ADDED] - New Gang Major Crime - Bitcoin Hacking * - Fini - Two Gang Bases for Miller Family and Tigris (You must apply to either Myself or Kaiden) - Zayne - New House Feature ** - Kaiden - In-game Wiki Phone App - Kaiden/Orin - Fully Implemented DOJ Faction - Zayne - Revamped and Dynamic Icons on the HUD - Kaiden - Revamped Major Crimes *** - Kaiden [CHANGED] - DOJ from Bluefor to Independent - Zayne - Prices for weapons in Rebel/Advance Rebel - Zayne - Paycheck Amounts: - Kaiden - Civs from 320 to 1500 - Police from 3100 to 3000 - EMS from 1350 to 2500 - Max Level increased from 70 to 90 - Zayne [FIXED] - Medics not being able to Set Freq Automatically - Kaiden/Zayne - Money not being taken when you take out an impounded vehicle - Fini - Stabilisers not extending life - Fini - Minor Map fixes - Zayne [REMOVED] - More Bulletproof Cars from Shops/Garages - Nick - Removed access to police guns that advanced rebel didn't have - Kaiden/Zayne [SOON TO COME] Full Cryptocurrency Economy for Gangs - Andy Tuning Shop - Kaiden/Zayne New features for the gang system - Kaiden/Zayne More ways of earning money - Zayne/Kaiden MODPACK UPDATE: YES UPDATE SIZE: 75MB * The new major crime is gang based, you will need to acquire a USB from the market. You will then to hack it at the data center and take some cash to pay for the fee, once it is hacked, you will then need to take it to a Laptop inside of one of the paycheck centres across the county. You will then to keep alert as Gangs will be alerted to your position. You will then hack the bitcoins and they will be transferred into your gang balance. ** You can now make Meth inside of your homes, you must buy a lab from the general store, you will then collect ephedrine barrels from a power station near New Horizon. You must then take this to your house, place down the lab. Once you have ephedrine in your inventory then you will interact with the lab and make Meth which you will need to sell to the drug dealer. But note there is a chance of your meth lab exploding which will alert the cops if it does and it will destroy your lab! Note: Perks can decrease this chance *** Bank: You will now have to hack into the vault (instead of timer it is now an action like repairing, pushing etc...). After you have broken into the vault you will also have to pick up money (small & big stacks) through an action again. You will then receive the virtual marked money items to go launder. Casino: You now earn chips instead of Marked Money. Fed: You will now earn Gold bars instead of Marked Money.
  5. [Added] - PSI Gang Uniform - 200T Gang Uniform - Lucas Family Gang Uniform - New Courthouse to DOC - Zayne - City Barriers around the Metropolis City Island which will raise when Martial Law is declare putting the city on lockdown. - Zayne - Added a small hud that shows you how many civs, ems and police online - Kaiden - Added DOJ Blacked-out SUV - Tommy Escobar - Jaguar emergency car for Police/EMS - Zayne - DOJ Whitelisting Department - Zayne - Laptops inside Paycheck Centres ready for being able to Rob them (Will be pushed within the next few days) - Josh/Fini [FIXED] - Being able to glitch through the DOJ Roof - Zayne - HK Clothing being removed (Oops) - Zayne - Fixed EMS/F&R Heli Shop - Zayne - Military Supplies giving you Grenades - Zayne - Not being able to buy DOJ car - Zayne - Keycards not working - Zayne [CHANGED] - Boat Shop behind F&R, wall'ed off and tarmac placed down - Zayne - DOC has now been tarmac'd to make it look cleaner - Zayne - Drug Dealer in Victoria Island and Isla del Rosario have a 50% chance of spawning (There will always be drug dealer next to Metro) - Zayne - Changed PD building at DOC - Zayne - Moved Aircraft Carrier more inland - Zayne [COMING SOON] - New Gang System (In-Progress) - Gang Bases for the top two most popular gangs (In-Progress) - Being able to take over certain towns as gangs (Similar system to Cartel/Mafia base) - Tuning Shops (In-Progress) - House Customisation - New ways of making money both legally and illegally Please make sure to give us suggestions on how to further improve the server! We recently did a straw poll and now working on adding the most voted on features! https://forums.arma-life.com/forum/25-suggestions/
  6. DOUBLE XP STILL ENABLED TILL SUNDAY 23RD [ADDED] - Added Miller Gang Cap/Gang Car - Kaiden - Added Star Uniform/Vehicle - Chris P Bacon - Updated FilithyFraggers Uniform/Vest - Added [Warning High] TS Tag for you stoners - Zayne - Added Spikestrips back - Zayne - 10% Discount on vehicles for having "Arma-Life.com" in your name - Andy - Orca to PD Shop - Josh - New Patrol Cars - Josh - Added Female Cop Uniform - Josh - Add snipers to Normal Rebel - Zayne - Added new DOJ Vests - Chris P Bacon [CHANGED] - Time for Casino from 660 seconds to 780 seconds to allow enough time for Cops to respond - Zayne - Time for Kangaro0 Bank from 600 seconds to 660 seconds - Zayne - Time for Sallesta City bank from 660 seconds to 600 seconds - Zayne - Time for Aircraft Carrier from 800 seconds to 900 seconds - Zayne - Rewards from Military Supplies Mission - Zayne - Rewards from Transport Mission to give better stuff - Zayne [FIXED] - No name error on Luxury Vehicle Shop Stand - Zayne - All Major Crimes not giving rewards - Zayne - Military Supplies not giving you weapons/not being able to open it - Kaiden - Being to access peoples backpacks/bodies - Zayne - Server crashing randomly - Fini - Invisible Checkpoints - Zayne - Discount giving blank notification - Zayne - Jail Positions for DOC as Prisoners were spawning outside Cells - Zayne [SOON TO COME] - Revamped Gang System - Nick - New Notification System - Nick MODPACK UPDATE: YES UPDATE SIZE: 500MB
  7. Approve it, I messed up the item shop
  8. Hello, Please message me or @Joshua Jones on Teamspeak and have your developer application link to hand. Thanks, Zayne Bracken Dev Manager
  9. Hello, Please message me on Teamspeak and have your developer application link to hand. Thanks, Zayne Bracken Dev Manager
  10. DOUBLE XP IS ENABLED TILL SUNDAY 23RD JUNE [ADDED] - Vehicle shop and garage at Rebel - Zayne - Added new PD Cars - Josh - Direct Deposits for EMS and Cop without need for purchasing the perk - Zayne - Added more guns to Rebel and Advanced Rebel - Darnell - Airshop and Garage to Nueva Esperanza - Zayne - Newly Designed DOC - Mehdi - Courthouse to DOC - Mehdi [CHANGED] - Buffed amount gained from completing quests and tidied up the Quest Descriptions - Zayne - Changed amounts gained from Major Crimes: - Zayne - Bank of Metropolis = 8 Marked Money - Bank of Sallesta City = 10 Marked Money - Royal Casino of Metropolis = 12 Marked Money - Federal Reserve = 15 Marked Money - Navy of Metropolis = 12 Marked Money + 5+ Weapons - Changed bridge to Drug dealer next to Metro to a drawbridge (Only can be controlled by EMS and PD) - Zayne - Renamed EMS boat shop to S&R Shop - Zayne - Slightly lowered Gold Coin Runs - Josh - Slightly upped the prices of Adv Rebel guns that are more powerful - Zayne [FIXED] - Clothing Stores that weren't accessible - Zayne - Long Tunnel Sections missing - Zayne - Falling through the floor at Bank of Metropolis - Zayne - ATM's inside buildings - Zayne - Terrain Issues - Andy - Whitelisting issues for FD Cars - Zayne - Being able to shoot through the box on top of Oil Rig - Zayne [REMOVED] - IA Uniform - Josh - Old Bar Hud - Zayne - Unknown Shop - Zayne - Pointless Objects in Road - Zayne - Class 3's from normal Gun Store - Zayne - Removed Honeybadgers - Zayne [SOON TO COME] Better bonus/discounts for having Arma-Life.com in your steam name - Andy New Notification System - Nick Tuning System for Cars - Zayne/Nick Redesigned Gang System - Zayne/Nick DOJ - Courthouse, Whitelisting etc - Zayne MODPACK UPDATE: NO UPDATE SIZE: N/A
  11. [ADDED] - 3 FTO Vehicles - Hanks - FTO Uniforms - Hanks - GTU Uniform - Hanks - State Command Clothing - Hanks - Low-rank Police Berets - Hanks - Added Plain Cartel Vest to Rebel (Red and Blue) - Hanks/Zayne - Added Plain Mafia Vest to Rebel (Brown and Blue) - Hanks/Zayne - Added 2nd Drug Dealer on Victoria Island - Zayne - Search and Rescue (F&D) Boat Shop behind F&D - Zayne - 2nd Bank in Sallesta City - Zayne/Andy - New Military Supplies Major Crime - Zayne * - Added 100% Heal Perk in the global section - Zayne [CHANGED] Lots of Map Changes - Cleaned up Fed, removed pointless objects etc - Andy Metropolis is now its own island - Andy Changed Victoria Peak to Victoria Island - Andy/Zayne Increased Drug Runs Prices - Zayne Advanced Rebel Prices lowered - Zayne Increased Mining Runs - Zayne EMS Heli's are free until a perm fix has been found for the garage - Zayne Changed Civ Heli price from 11k to 88k - Zayne Change the amount gained from being revived by EMS from 750 to 1500 - Zayne Replaced SWAT Hunter with SWAT Insurgent - Josh Decreased Mission file size - Zayne Helis now have 100vitem space by default - Zayne PD Building - Zayne Removed the algorithm for Major crimes so you now get a set amount - Zayne Medics now have direct deposit from level 10 - Zayne [FIXED] Duplicated Buildings - Zayne Whitelist levels for FD/PD - Zayne Paycheck Centers - Zayne [SOON TO COME] New Gang System Redesigned DOC New Major Crimes Being able to rob every Paycheck centre Jewerelly Store robberies MODPACK UPDATE: YES UPDATE SIZE: 1GB * Navy of Metropolis has a Military Aircraft Carrier, South of Chop Shop. You need a breaching charge, 800 seconds, a whole lot of firepower and an escape vehicle. You can gain up to 800k and a bunch of weapons.
  12. We are currently looking for the following developers: Map Developers that can use XCAM & Terrain Builder skillfully Coders - Previous work to back up, can create new code from scratch or change up the code to fit the framework Model Developers - Show previous work, create buildings to fit new code All developers must be able to keep up with deadlines and must know how to thoroughly test their work before it is pushed.
  13. 1 MORE DAY OF DOUBLE XP YOU NO LONGER NEED TO LOAD FHQ - PLEASE REMOVE FHQ FROM YOUR SELECTED MOD LIST AS WE WILL BE REMOVING THE SIGNATURE SOON [ADDED] - Added CRP Tactical Gestures - Readded State Trooper Cars back - Zayne - Translated all D3S cars into English - Devante/Zayne - ATM's to every gas station - Zayne - New DOC Cars and Diving Gear - Oliver - Police Berets with Rank Insignias - Oliver - Added Hospital, Police HQ and Impound lot to Nueva Esperanza - Zayne - Added new CID Clothing/Vest - Wolfie - Added 200T and Tigris Gang Clothing - Added EMS Command Vest - Darian [CHANGED] - Changed/Redesigned Fed - Ryn - You can now rob every gas station - Zayne - Temp removed gates from Metro Hospitals - Zayne - Cops needed for a Major crime from 8 to 7 - Zayne - Balanced Rebel Gun Prices - Zayne - Renamed AAN News to Metro News - Josh - EMS Revive Fee from 750$ to 1500$ - Zayne - FD Plain Cars now accessible by all FD ranks - Zayne - Gold Coin Trader Prices - Zayne [FIXED] - EMS Airshop - Zayne - Supermarket North of Metro - Zayne - Paycheck Centres - Zayne - Duplicated Buildings in Mafia Base - Zayne - Some Hospital not having EMS Garages - Zayne - FTO Clothing - Zayne [REMOVED] - Removed having to be in a gang for Rebel - Fini - Broken Car Garages - Zayne [SOON TO COME] - New Major Crime - New Side Missions - Redesigned DOC - Tuning Shop MODPACK UPDATE: YES - UPDATE NOW UPDATE SIZE: 2.5GB