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  1. Update 13/03/2019 Added SIU Vest Added EMS First Response Vest Added @Eric Snow assets
  2. Bit of a larger update but ill keep it brief Added - Starting building city in san cristo (W.I.P) - Added a variety of D3S Cars - Added Kiory Hat Pack - Added a few more gang vests - Added First Response Skins for clothing and vehicles Changed - Swapped over most gas stations to Seven Eleven (More will change soon just got to find them )
  3. Small mod pack updated was pushed today with map changes and uniforms, i aim to release small map updates every couple of days Added: - Federal Reserver - Bratva Gang Vest & Uniform - Reprisal Gang Vest & Uniform - Devils Henchman Gang Vest & Uniform - Filthy Fraggers Uniform & Vest - Moved Rebel I may push another update later on today with the gas changes swapped to Seven Elevens. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome!
  4. Hi @Lucifer Fischerman I will get everything put back in game and also comp you 700k as it was caused by staff error
  5. I Would like to counter is argument. ALL police application's are meant to be public record - https://forums.arma-life.com/forum/42-careers/ It just appears Ibby's isn't appearing there a long with a few others which i will put requests in for once i have finished getting my list Kind Regards Nick Sharp
  6. FOIA REQUEST I, Nick Sharp, request the following information from Metropolis Police Department: 1. A Copy of Ibby Red's Metropolis Police Department Application Signed, Nick Sharp
  7. Not sure why i was tagged in this, it should be @Orin Miller and @Hector Morales
  8. Your Honor If we are to go based on the exact terminology of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. § 552 as if we are running of the ACTUAL freedom of information act then it only applies to Federal Records. What i am seeking is State Records of officers which unless specified by a Public Records act specifying they are classed as confidential are considered public record. Unless over the last 24 hours the Metropolis Police Department has become a Federal entity i am entitled too. Kind Regards Nick Sharp
  9. Your honour, i would like to counter argue the "Classification law's" set out by internal affairs, The Metro Police Department is there to enforce the Law not to make the Laws i would request that a Judge review the information to determine if it actually is considered Classified. I have spoken to those involved and they are happy to have there personnel information public knowledge. In regards to Ibby Red any "Classified" information can be blanked out if need be, all i need is the personnel file not cases. If it is a case that the Personnel file of an employee is Classified they are breaching there own Classified information as said person is publicly displayed on the Metro Police Department Roster.
  10. FOIA REQUEST I, Nick Sharp, request the following information from Metropolis Police Department: 1. Disciplinary Record of @Jordan Rainey while employed by Metropolis Police Department 2. Personnel File of @Jordan Rainey while employed by Metropolis Police Department 3. Contract of Employment of @Jordan Rainey by Metropolis Police Department 4. Disciplinary Record of @Max Tumble While employed by Metropolis Police Department 5. Personnel file of @Max Tumble while employed by Metropolis Police Department 6. Contract of Employment of @Max Tumble while employed by Metropolis Police Department 7. A Copy of Metropolis Police Department Disciplinary Procedure. 8. Disciplinary Record of @Jeff Doppler While employed by Metropolis Police Department 9. Personnel file of @Jeff Doppler while employed by Metropolis Police Department 10. A Copy of the MPD "Ban List" 11. Personnel file of Ibby Redd 12. Transfers information from Personnel leaving Criminal Investigations Division over the last 32 hours 13. A copy of the MPD Hiring Policy 14. A Copy of the MPD Promotion and Positions SOP's / Guidelines Signed, Nick Sharp
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